Free Printable: The Ultimate Car Camping Checklist

Are you ready for camping season? Need help figuring out what to bring? Use my checklist to help you prepare for your next perfect outdoor adventure.

As an avid car camper, I have spent the last 7 years figuring out what you need to make sure your camping trip goes smoothly. Through trial and error, I can tell you exactly what you need. It’s been a long time since my trips where poles were forgotten or food was sparse and I hope I can save you some of the trouble of forgetting such things.

I like to camp in comfort, especially with car camping. My philosophy with car camping is that there is no reason to sacrifice luxury living because you are outside. I want camping to be just as fun as hanging out in the city, which I’ll tell you, it sure is.

With high end menus and fun decor, I bring style and glam to the outdoors. Yes, I am the type of lady that had a full on cheese board while camping. I won’t forget the olive tapenade either.

Regardless of what snacks are on the menu, there are certain musts for every camping adventure. Nothing is worst while camping when you forget a necessity. Have you even been cold or soaking wet while camping? It’s not fun.

Well, even if the weather isn’t perfect, you are not destined to ruin your camping trip. As long as you are prepared, nothing can stop you from enjoying the outdoors.

I mean, you can even go full Melanie and really glam out your site. Why not? I sure enjoy my glamping experiences.

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I personally like to keep a camping box filled with all these goods so I won’t forget anything the next time I camp. It’s also nice to have things already set to go.

You never know what a spontaneous trip may be in the future.

Here is my ultimate car camping checklist! To get the downloadable version, click here or on the graphic. I hope you like it.

Planning on camping any time soon? What are your essentials? Let me know in the comments!

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