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Spring Skiing: Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out On Warmer Months

I’m going to let you in on a little secret of mine. I absolutely love spring skiing.

Warming temperatures in mountain regions always entices excitement. What’s not to love? Days start to hang around longer while trees begin to bloom gorgeous displays of florals and while yes, the allergy medicine may also need to make its first appearance of the year, it’s hard not to bask in the gold hues as we inch towards summer.

However, it is a shame to let the warm city days deter you from experiencing one of my favorite activities to do in the spring. While skiing and snowboarding are a staple for most winter sport enthusiast in the colder months, there is a serious appeal to hitting the slopes during the final weeks of the season.

I am certainly not the only one who thinks so as well. During the month of March, many out of town folks head up to the hills to spend their Spring Break shredding the slopes. Even on weekdays where even the most popular ski resorts stay empty, spring breakers fill in the lines for some good old fashioned spring skiing. And yes, they are not insane for chosing a winter destination for a spring getaway.

That’s because spring skiing is amazing. Hell, this is some of my favorite times to get out there. So set that alarm and get ready to finish the season strong. Spring skiing is where it’s at.

Spring Skiing gives you blue skies and warm weather

man standing in front of ski slop in Breckenridge for spring skiing

While I love me some winter sports, those frigid days can damper your spirits. I’m talking single or double digits temperatures. However, later in the season, those peak plummeting temperatures tend to be a thing of the past and many days are filled with high visibility and warm rays.

This is especially nice for those who are beginner and intermediate. As a solid intermediate skiier myselft, the warm days take off the pressure when skiing with people at a higher level (aka my husband pictured above). Since it is warmer, it’s a lot more pleasant to take it easy since you don’t need to break a sweat (or invest in expensive gear) to stay warm. This is the perfect time to chill on those groomers.

You can sit outside and actually enjoy it

Keystone spring skiing outdoor seating

With it being warm, outdoor seating becomes a lot more enjoyable. Obviously, you can sit outside at anytime in the season but it’s a lot easier and well, a lot more fun since more people are out there when it is warm and sunny. The picture above features the outdoor seating near Labonte’s BBQ at the base of North Peak at Keystone where it becomes a bit of a party. Hang out with your friends while joining the peanut gallery giggling at anyone who bombs down that steep black run Starfire. Grab a drink and relax.

Many resorts have a cool outdoor area fitted with outdoor bars and a DJ during these warm spring skiing days. It sure beats fighting for a table in a stuffy lodge. Plus, depending where you are, seating indoors may be a hard thing to come by and there may be rules about packing in your own lunch. As a young adult, I prefer the atmosphere of the warm outdoor arrangements.

Spring skiing is a laidback party

canned margarita at Breckenridge

Since often times, the best of the snow has passed, spring skiing is usually more laid back than in the winter months. Although this can be a bummer for the most hardcore of skiers, this is a great opportunity to immerse more into the fun party culture of skiing.

 Many people may even take the last few weeks of a season to sport their favorite fashions. You may see folks rocking jerseys, costumes, denim, or even no shirt at all. Spring season is carefree and fun. There isn’t a real reason to take yourself too seriously during these warmer months. Just enjoy the mountain and have fun.

You still may get a surprise storm

Crested Butte powder day

With that all said, you may find yourself amidst a freak spring storm. This year has especially been a great ski year in Colorado and well, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get another powder dump before the season’s end.

While many resorts close in the beginning of April, some resorts stay open until the begins of summer. I’m talking about skiing in May and June! This year, Breckenridge has extended their season to May while some resorts such as A-Basin tend to stay open long every year.

And while it may seem silly as nearby towns such as Denver or Salt Lake City warm up, there often is a storm that can actually make the ski conditions quite favorable. For a several years I have lived in Denver, it seems like we often get at least one powder filled storm in April. Why not catch one of these great days before the season ends?

Find killer deals for spring skiing

woman swinning in pool at ski resort hotel

Much like with anything, as an activity gets less popular, there are usually great deals. During these spring months, ski resorts enter an off year which is great for consumers like you. Visiting a ski resort town in the off season can afford you some of the coolest lodging options for a fraction of the price.  I know that in the fall, resort towns have incredible deals for the most luxurious rooms.

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This goes for ski gear as well. My favorite times to purchase gear is during the off season and with spring skiing, you may be able to try demos or new gear at an affordable price before the end of the season. As someone who loves to find the best savings, I only look for items in fall or spring. Clearance sales are key!

There are often fun end of season events

Many resorts host fun events near or during the end of their season. This includes live music, boozy parties, pond skimming, fireworks and more! Why not go out with a bang?  Honestly, when I think of spring, I think of the beginning of the fun filled party season and it’s no different up in the slopes.

The best way to find these events is to follow your favorite ski pass or resort’s social media pages or websites. A little hint though is that most places try to go big with their closing weekend. Join the party!

So there we have it. Finish your ski or snowboarding season strong by heading up to the hills during the warmer months.

You certainly will not regret it.

Do you like spring skiing? Planning a trip soon?

Let me know about your adventures and why you love spring skiing in the comments below.

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If nothing else, don’t forget to get out to the great outdoors this spring. You won’t regret it.

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