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Denver Oktoberfest: A Denver Fall Favorite

I love fall in Denver. Everything from the coolingtemperatures to the anticipation of changing colors in the trees at CheesmanPark just gets me so excited. While the excitement and rooftop parties from thesummer start to come to a close, it’s easy to think that the long days ofdrunken debauchery are behind us. Not to worry since my favorite Denver eventcomes around in late September. Of course I am speaking about DenverOktoberfest, a day drinking paradise in the heart of my favorite city.

As a former Salt Lake City resident, Oktoberfest up atSnowbird Resort is one of the most anticipated events of the season. Given SaltLake City’s smaller size and well, smaller size of it’s drinking population,Oktoberfest was one of the very few events that my friends and I would lookforward to every year.

Now as I reside in Denver, I was glad to know that thistradition is kept here as well.

Every year, Denver Oktoberfest takes place the last twoweekends or so of September right in the heart of Downtown. One entrance islocated at 20th and Larimer and sprawls for a few blocks back onLarimer. Once you are here, you can grab yourself a beer, my favorite being theDenver Oktoberfest Brew, a bratwurst, some sauerkraut and cheer on your bestpick for the Stein Hoist.

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So what makes Denver’s Oktoberfest one of my favorite fall activities?

Denver Oktoberfest is FREE!Denver Oktoberfest Free

As a newly married woman, you can imagine that my husbandand I aren’t trying to get too spendy with our activities. That’s where thisevent comes in. It’s FREE!

Honestly, it usually costs a decent amount of money to eator drink at any city festival affair so it helps when there is no initial emissioncost. More money for food and beer amirite?

Denver Oktoberfest is in the heart of LoDo’s Bar SceneDenver Oktoberfest Bars

What’s even better is that this event is located right byall of my favorite LoDo bars. I spend much of my summer exploring these kind offree Denver events. Due to adverse weather or simply the need to take a breakfrom the commotion, we like to jump in a neighboring bar or restaurant for aminute or two.

Not to mention, if I feel like diversifying my meals orbeverages, it’s a lot better when there are actual options. Many of the bars onor near this festival offer drink and food specials as well. Plus, once you aredone, you are now Downtown ready to continue to night.

Denver Oktoberfest hosts booths that give away free stuffDenver Oktoberfest free booth


I don’t really know what else I need to say. This year,Johnnie Walker had a sweet booth/truck set up where you can get free whiskeydrinks. It was awesome.

Each year, there are booths that usually give away samples.Sometimes they ask for an email, sometimes they don’t. Even if that bothersyou, you can do what I do and have a separate email to give out when you needto put that information in. My middle school hotmail does the trick!

Denver Oktoberfest’s activities are just funDenver Oktoberfest stein hoisting

Whether you want to test your strength with a stein hoist ordance your night away at the silent disco, Denver’s got you covered. Ipersonally am more of the sideline watcher when it comes to hoisting since myupper body strength is nonexistent but it is fun to cheer people on.  

On top of that, there is plenty of dancing including liveinternationally inspired music and a DJ played through your headphones at thesilent disco. I did dance a bit but to be honest, I hung out by the JohnnieWalker tent.


  1. People dress up so you should too. I personallydon’t have the proper costumes but feel free to have some fun with it. Everyonedresses up. It’s part of the fun.
  2. Eat! Yes with any kind of drinking activity,especially throughout the day, make sure you eat. Some of the tents offer somepretty sweet authentic German cuisine as well to keep you nice and festive.
  3. Drink plenty of water. It’s often a bit toastyat this event and with the heavy beers, you’ll probably get pretty dehydrated.I don’t think I need to explain any further.
  4. Be prepared for any kind of weather. This is anoutdoor event and Denver in September is fairly unpredictable. Bring a lightsweater but also your sunglasses. Make sure you take breaks in the shade.
  5. It’s a marathon. The event goes from 11 am tomidnight Friday and Saturday and until about 5 on Sunday. You are going to wantto pace yourself if you want to be functional.
  6. Bring your stein if you have one. You can buyone there or buy by the drink. If you bring one, they will refill your steinfor a special price. They make cute souvenirs as well.
  7. Don’t be afraid to be around people. The tablesare set up in a communal style so you will be sitting next to strangers. Youalso might play games or dance with strangers. This is not the time or place tobe cliquey. Have fun and make some friends.
  8. Don’t drive. Please, just get a ride for thisone. I don’t care if you walk, ride share, taxi, call your mom, whatever. Thisevent is very drinking oriented and there are a ton of pedestrians out. Let’sbe safe everyone. It’s honestly really easy to catch a taxi or ride share ifyou walk a block or two away from the main area anyways.
  9. Obviously, get ready for fun. Don’t be a grumpybutt. Lines can get long but remember where you are at. You are in one of thecoolest cities and at one of their finest events. Don’t worry, you’ll bedrinking beer in no time.

To learn more about Denver Oktoberfest, please visit

Well, there you have it. I hope you enjoyed my story on oneof my favorite fall activities Denver Oktoberfest. Did you make it out thisyear? Will you be going next year? Maybe I’ll run into you.

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